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To the men’s game for a moment, Maryland’s basketball program always seems to win two games a year that they don’t really deserve. That’s hardly the case here, as Maryland’s consistent conference play has put them in a tie in the ACC standings with Duke, whom the Terrapins defeated last night, 79-72.

“Playing a big-time game like this was good for both teams,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “Our guys were in a position to win the game. I’m proud of that.

“It was tough because it was a game where we played well. It wasn’t a game when we played bad or played stupid. It wasn’t like that. This wasn’t a game where bad stuff happened.” –Y! News.

Uh, Coach K? YOU LOST. Your lead in the ACC, where North Carolina has been absolutely terrible this year, is gone. Of course, none of that really matters once Duke gets into the NCAA tournament. But really, all UNC has to do is wait three years to get into the NCAAs. By then, they’ll be letting everyone in.

Oh, and I guess there was kind of a riot afterward. Some images via DC Sports Bog after the jump.

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