Oh God, Taiwan Animation Reported On The Death Of The Ultimate Warrior

I thought Nancy Grace would be the most ridiculous person to react to the death of The Ultimate Warrior today, but as bad as Nancy is, she’s never crudely animated someone getting beaten to death by a Slim Jim advertisement.

Our friends over at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation just posted their tribute to the Warrior, and I think Taiwan animation and Warrior is the perfect storm of batshit insanity. Their tribute includes a cameo appearance from the Warrior’s wrestling buddy, a baby John Cena trying to splash a literal rock and a recreation of all of Warrior’s signature moves. Also, Hulk Hogan and Macho Man show up, and Andre the Giant is so big Warrior has to wrestle his foot.

They’re pretty spot-on in their depiction of wrestling fans, though.

(WWE should let NMA be the special guest host of Raw and just have them animate an entire hour. I’d watch the hell out of that.)