Oh Nothing, Just The Queen Photobombing A Selfie At The Commonwealth Games

While the rest of the sports-loving planet is worn out from all of that World Cup action from last month, a new batch of athletes are currently in Glasgow, Scotland competing in the Commonwealth Games. Much like the Olympics and World Cup, the Commonwealth Games take place every four years, and there are a bunch of countries that are eligible to compete, but a lot of them don’t bother, presumably because the gift bags suck. Sorry if I seem a little cynical about the whole thing, but North Borneo hasn’t competed since 1962, and I just can’t get pumped without my favorite former British colony in the mix.

Maybe we can all cheer on Australia’s Hockeyroos, though, since team members Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris have become the stars of the Games thanks to their unbelievable selfie. Planned or not, they timed it just right so they’d be photobombed by none other than the Queen of England. That’s some once in a lifetime action right there.