05.22.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

Casino Drive, a three-year-old stallion closely related to the last two Belmont Stakes winners, is garnering some talk as the horse that will thwart Big Brown's attempt at the Triple Crown. Big Brown's trainer, Rick Dutrow Jr., respectfully disagrees.

"He's got no chance of beating our horse," Dutrow told reporters Wednesday. "I'll be in the winner's circle when they get to the quarter pole. That's how I feel. I don't see that this horse can beat him."

What a fool!  If I were Casino Drive's trainer, I'd put that on the bulletin board in his stall to motivate him.  That's the kind of quote that gets professional athletes like horses fired up for a big competition. Or at least it would if horses weren't just big stupid animals who get scared of paper bags. 

One thing's for certain: Casino Drive is Japanese-owned, so God only knows what turns that horse on.  If you thought tentacle porn was creepy, wait 'til you substitute the little schoolgirl with a yearling filly.

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