11.18.08 9 years ago 8 Comments

Note to Sprint: yes to corporate bikinis, no to corporate firesuits

So… yeah.  I’ve gotten so used to not covering NASCAR that I didn’t spend a single word on Jimmie Johnson’s third consecutive Sprint Cup victory.  He’s the only driver to win three straight Sprint Cups, although noted badass Cale Yarborough once won three straight Winston Cups, and I’m told that’s the same thing, even if you can’t smoke cellular phone service.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

Anyway, I can see people are getting upset because stock cars aren’t hybrids, so we’ll just go to the video.  After the jump, Jimmie reacts to a commentator asking him how he’s going to get it up.  Er, next year!  Wait, that came out wrong. He just wants to know about your erection — DAMMIT!

[Photo: Getty Images; Video from SbB and TSB]

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