08.28.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Yesterday we learned of a single douchey Red Sox fan taking on Yankee Stadium’s Stalinistic practice of using police to enforce demonstrations of patriotism.  Today we get this lovely video from Walkoff Walk, in which a female Red Sox fan gets ejected by the NYPD, something her charming friend objects to. Basically, it’s some kind of impossible test to determine who are the most despicable people in the stadium.

And it’s not exactly a tribute to the abilities of New York’s Finest.  There’s an overweight woman yelling in the lady cop’s face, and she can’t even put her in an arm-bar and take her down?  Hell, that cop could have walked up a couple stairs and the fattie would have never caught her.  Or here’s an idea: pull out your pistol and shoot her.  Even if it gets caught on tape, she’s still a Red Sox fan.  No jury in New York’s going to convict you.

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