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I'm actually impressed with Ohio State.  I may have said some bad things in the past about how its academic standards are an insult to other accredited universities, or how its fans are unapologetic morons, but it appears I underestimated just. how. fucking. stupid. they are.   Because it takes real effort to mess up spelling your state's four-letter name, even though you have cheers and arm motions dedicated to spelling it that you repeat ad nauseam.

Are there any Buckeye fans out there that can read this?  Like, alumni or (more likely) former students who dropped out?  If you can understand the words that I'm writing, I'd really like to see some of the courses offered and the corresponding syllabi.  I'm trying to figure out if credits earned at OSU would be accepted if you transferred to DeVry.

[Tiger Droppings via The Wizard of Odds]

NOTE: I don't really want to see your syllabi, assholes.

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