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You would think playing football for Ohio University would be a bad omen for your stock in life, but that's not the case for offensive lineman Mike Eynon.  He just won the lottery.

He is the luckiest man in Athens after winning the second tier of the Ohio Lottery Mega Millions, worth $250,000. After taxes, Eynon will receive $172,500…

Eynon matched all five numbers but missed out on the mega ball that could have awarded him $34 million. Still, Mike isn’t complaining.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, this has to be a violation of NCAA rules, because the NCAA forbids athletes from doing things like looking at money and farting in the same room as someone with cash.  But no: "The NCAA views the lottery as a game of chance (such as a raffle) and winning it is not in violation of any rules."  Well jeez, then why do they get so bent out of shape when I try to fix games?  It's still technically a game of chance.

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