12.02.07 10 years ago 18 Comments

Because of Missouri's loss to Oklahoma, West Virginia's inexplicable defeat to the crutches of Wannstedt, and LSU's win over Tennessee, it appears that Ohio St. will play for the BCS Championship for the second straight year. And most likely against a SEC opponent – LSU – again.  And they'll probably lose again.  By a lot . . . again. We'll know for sure soon when FOX announces the BCS games – it took longer than expected for the Bears to blow their game against the New York Football Giants. I'm sure the Chief will offer his expert analysis of the match-ups tomorrow.

By the way, this BCS is a hell of a system, isn't it? How many overrated Big Ten teams have to produce crappy bowl game performances before they change this thing?  Oh well, at least undefeated Hawaii may get the chance to play in a BCS game. I wonder who they'll play? Notre Dame? -KD

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