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College football is back, and you know what that means: stories about Ohio State fans who live and die by the Buckeyes because, let’s face it, there’s not much else worth living for in Ohio.

Pictured at left is one such faithful fan who’s sporting the Jim Tressel-inspired sweater vest t-shirt.  I’ll let Jupmode explain:

[In2006], we realized how fortunate we are to have Coach Tressel lead our team onto the field every Saturday and respresent [sic] our beloved University. He is a class act, revered throughout the nation not just for his wins and losses, but for the way he represents the Ohio State University.

[Tressel] has become famous for wearing a sweater vest and tie on the sidelines – unlike any other coach in the nation… The OSU Sweater Vest T-Shirt is just a simple idea that we feel can help unify students, alumni, parents, kids, and fans from all over in support of our great coach and University.

It’s also great for any weddings you attend in Ohio, where the tuxedo t-shirt is just a little too dressy.

[Lion in Oil]

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