01.07.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

So the BCS Championship Game is sometime this week.  Tonight, maybe?  Either tonight or tomorrow, I'm pretty sure.  And with this semi-momentous game we'll finally see the end of the least predictable and most annoying college football season since last year. 

Like last year, we've got Ohio State going up against an SEC team, and while Tiger fans are certifiably insane (see also: painting cats), no fans can possibly be less self-aware and more insane than Buckeye fans.  Exhibit A: this guy.

Why do these people wander free in our society?  Couldn't we just put fans like this on a special reservation where they get to watch their team every week?  Or, if there isn't funding for that, we could just put them to sleep.  I'm telling you, concentration camps and euthanasia work great.  I know they've gotten a bad rap in history, but that's only because it's been done to the wrong people.

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