Ohio State And Michigan Had To Be Held Back From Going At One Another In The Tunnel At Halftime

The biggest college football game of the regular season took place on Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor. The second-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes traveled north to the Big House to take on the fifth-ranked Michigan Wolverines, with a spot in both the Big Ten Championship Game and, potentially, the College Football Playoff on the line.

The first half was as hotly-contested as any in recent memory, with the Wolverines taking a 14-13 lead into the locker room. It was at this point that the unique construction of Michigan Stadium — which forces both teams to use the same tunnel to get to their locker rooms — led to some of the on-field tensions briefly boiling over. Josh Pate of 247 Sports caught the incident on camera, with both teams being held back from going after one another as the Wolveries tried to file into their locker room.

While there were no punches thrown or anything, there was a whole lot of chatter between the two teams, with a few Ohio State players flipping the bird to their Big Ten East counterparts. We also looked to have a little back-and-forth in the foreground, as a dude in a Michigan visor and someone in an Ohio State hat exchanged pleasantries. The Game is always really, really tense, and with the stakes that come with this year’s game — both in the Big Ten/Playoff races and Michigan trying to keep Ohio State from tying the series record with their ninth win in a row — they’ve very much been amplified.