Is The Ohio State Strength And Conditioning Coach Some Kind Of Magician?

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08.01.14 19 Comments
Joshua Perry OSU


Two years ago, Joshua Perry came to Ohio State as a tall, lanky kid, in desperate need of some serious gym time. Two years later, he’s a lean, mean, fighting machine, ready to swallow Wolverines by the whole. His transformation was due to hard work and the expert tutelage of Mickey Marotti, OSU’s strength and conditioning coach.

That appears to be 31 pounds of muscle gain in two years. I speak from experience, obviously.

The transformation’s not impossible per se, but damn, that’s some serious, serious dedication. Also, I need Mickey Marotti in my life. If only to stop me from eating 21 hot wings at Hooters and GOD, I really did that this week? I hate myself.


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