This Is A Friendly Reminder Not To Steal Urban Meyer’s Parking Spot

Urban Meyer is having himself a pretty good year. His Buckeyes won the inaugural National Championship in College Football Playoff era. He wrote a book. He’s crushing it on the recruiting trail. And he has (approximately) 85 guys on his roster who can play quarterback and still arguably find a way to win at least a Big Ten title. But he still doesn’t like it if you steal his parking space.

Junior running back Warren Ball Jr. learned that the hard way after parking in Meyer’s spot on Monday. He found himself boxed in by none other than the Ohio State coach himself, who was having a little fun at Ball’s expense.

Meyer has always come off as having a bit of a diabolical sense of humor, even though he doesn’t frequently have the opportunity to present it with how focused and driven he is. Hopefully we get a few more instances like this heading into the season. As we all know, college football is a lot better when people have fun.