The Internet Went Wild After OJ Simpson Was Granted Parole For His 2008 Robbery Conviction

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OJ Simpson was granted parole on Thursday by a Nevada parole board, sparking wide array of reactions from around the country. Simpson spent nine years in prison for a 2008 armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room, but on Thursday a unanimous decision by the parole board granted him his conditional freedom.

Though parole was expected by many for Simpson, even QuestLove was surprised that Simpson was actually released.

Simpson won’t officially be released until October 1, but many are already speculating about what he does next. Some thought a trip back to sports television was in order.

Others thought politics and, given our current political state, I wouldn’t rule anything out.

More astutely, some wondered if Simpson is ready to handle his return to the modern world.

Seriously, nine years is a long time. A lot has changed while Simpson was incarcerated.

A lot of people think OJ will have to catch up on some of the media that’s come out over the last near-decade, including the OJ Simpson: Made In America documentary that starred Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ.

He’ll have to get a firm grasp on “trolling” first but he’s also got a lot of music to catch up on.

In fact, a lot of people thought Simpson will have something to say about “The Story of OJ” from Jay’s 4:44.

But maybe he’ll start with something a bit more manageable, though.

Only Simpson himself can tell us what’s coming next, but it’s something that will fascinate others until he’s finally freed later this year.