OJ Simpson Got Accidentally Trolled At His Own Parole Hearing By A Heisman Trophy Shirt

The sports world was transfixed by the OJ Simpson parole hearing on Thursday, and the people in the room with Simpson were happy to give the internet some fodder for consumption.

Simpson was trolled by the victim of his robbery during his parole hearing on Thursday.

The shirt is a direct reference to Simpson, who won the Heisman Trophy as the best college football player in the nation in 1968. That trophy is no longer in his possession, yet another piece of sports memorabilia from his own career he no longer owns.

That memorabilia is the reason he’s in prison in the first place. In 2008, Simpson committed armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room in an attempt to get some of his memorabilia back from a collector.

One other fourth-wall sports moment during Thursday’s proceedings was a member of the parole board who wore a Kansas City Chiefs tie.

That’s a little bit less of the trolling variety, though it was the Chiefs that stopped the Buffalo Bills from playing in the first ever Super Bowl, so maybe that’s what he was getting at.

Either way, it was all part of a bizarre parole hearing for the continually bizarre story of OJ Simpson.