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NBA – It was Sasha Vujacic doing the whole Leon Powe thing with 20 points off the bench after being the focal point for criticism against the Lakers for being the One Who Wasn't Kobe to take the last-minute 3-pointer in Game 2 when L.A. was trying to keep its comeback alive. After disrupting the triangle offense in the series first two games, the Celtics thought it a sound idea to have Ray Allen guarding Kobe one-on-one last night. The result: The Mamba responded like he was selected M.V.P. or something with 36 points in a 87-81 win in Game 3. Paul Pierce? Needs more fake injuries. The Truth was not quite the impact player he's been thus far in the Finals with 6 points on 2-for-14 shooting. The Lake remains undefeated at home in the postseason, even with a performance that at times seemed like they wanted to give the game away (ahem, Lamar Odom). But of course. How can you lose with Wall-E in attendance? He's there to back his fellow machines. 

MLB – Elijah Dukes? Recalcitrant? I shan't believe it! The Nats outfielder goes all "You dead, dawg" on manager Manny Acta in the dugout then spurns him during the team handshake after the game. If you're Acta, distance from Dukes' dukes is what you want to establish. Oh, and the Nats beat the Pirates with a walkoff homer from Lastings Milledge. And he didn't leave the manager hanging. What a guy!…C.C. Sabathia, still fat, but also dominating for a rare outing this season, pitching s five-hit shutout over the Twins…And the Braves have problems keeping their ancient hurlers healthy, as Tom Glavine becomes the latest to go down in Atlanta's 10-5 loss to the Cubbies.

EURO 2008 – David Villa proves to be the best killer of Russkies since that pervert Indiana Jones…The Greeks get Sweded, but not in the cool Michel Gondry way, lose 2-0.

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