Oklahoma City Thunder Rap Anthem 'Blue And Orange' Not Set To Wiz Khalifa, Amazingly

When you see a fan made rap playoffs rap anthem titled “color 1 and color 2” you think they’re gonna do the same ‘Black And Yellow’ everyone else does, but I guess Wiz Khalifa is old and busted and Eiffel 65 samples are the new hotness because here’s Jesse Pinkman, Skinny Pete and Badger doing their 1999 techno best to rap the Oklahoma City Thunder into the NBA Playoffs.

From their debut album RADIO KILLERS the Lost Boys and Michael Garner bring you the ultimate OKC Thunder Anthem “Blue and Orange” showing their home pride to the Thunder. The album as well as Michael Garner’s “Why Bother” compilation is due to release early May 2012.

The two best parts of the video are, in order:

1. How (who I’m assuming is) Michael Garner pronounces “orange”. I REP THAT BLUE AN DORTCH, I REP THAT BLUE AN DORTCH.

2. The fact that somehow the YouTube comments section for the video has turned into a racist argument about how the Thunder have no team history, why the Seattle Supersonics were way better and why only black people should be allowed to rap.

In case you can’t get through the entire song, at no point do they put holy water in squirt guns and kill anything. I’m just happy the Thunder finally have an anthem, because they weren’t going to beat the dogsh*t out of the Lakers by 20 points without it.

[via That NBA Lottery Pick]