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By virtue of being a top-five team that didn’t shit the bed this past weekend, the Oklahoma Sooners have taken over as college football’s top-ranked team this week.  Nick Saban’s previously eighth-ranked Alabama, which defeated preseason #1 Georgia in Athens, moved up to #2.

It was a wild weekend in which the shocking USC and Florida upsets were just the tip of the iceberg — nine ranked teams lost, and six of those were to unranked teams.  Golly, numbers like that might mean that the ranking system might somehow be flawed.

You can get the full breakdown of Saturday’s action in The Alphabetical, The Sporting Blog’s excellent weekly feature.  All I really care about is that Wake Forest lost at home to freaking Navy, yet they’re still ranked at #25.  Hello?  Can my 5-0 Northwestern Wildcats get a little love?  Rowr-rowr!

Nah, just kidding.  I don’t really give a crap about them.

(photo from Sooner Fever)

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