Oklahoma’s Compliance Told Tony Jefferson He Couldn’t Give A Current Player Grand Theft Auto V

Is there no end to the NCAA’s barbaric rules? Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Kass Everett Tweeted in the wee hours of Tuesday morning that he was pretty bummed that he didn’t have enough money to purchase Grand Theft Auto V. All he wanted to do was have the newest, most ridiculously-anticipated video game of the year so he could spend the next two days slamming his controller down in disgust over how difficult some of the missions are, but tough titties.

Fortunately, Everett’s friend responded that he’d spot him the cash for the game and everyone went on to have a happy ending, right? Wrong. Instead, Oklahoma’s buzzkill compliance department had to butt in and remind Everett that while accepting money from some dumb, old friend is fine, it’s not cool if that friend is an NFL player and former teammate like Tony Jefferson.

Seriously, this is so incredibly stupid. A friend wants to loan his former teammate $50 to buy a video game, but if he accepts, he gets kicked off the team. Here’s the solution – Jefferson buys the game, sends it to whomever lives next door to Everett, and that person then loans the game to Everett and forgets to ever get it back from him. In conclusion, the NCAA’s rules are so incredibly dumb.

(H/T to College Spun)