Olbermann Off Sunday Night Football

08.06.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Keith Olbermann has been on NBC’s Football Night in America since 2007, but will be torturing football fans no longer. Network suits have announced that nobody’s favorite SportsCenter personality will be leaving the sports world for good. NBC executives said the move was not caused by Olbermann’s political leanings, but because Peter King was being suffocated by his smugness. If you put it that way, maybe they should have kept him on air, at least for a couple more weeks.

Multiple media and network television sources confirmed to me Thursday that Keith Olbermann will not appear on NBC’s Football Night In America Sunday evening NFL broadcasts this season.

I’m told that NBC News officials requested the move, citing Olbermann’s weekday commitment to MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. During the 2009 NFL season, Olbermann periodically did not appear on Friday editions of Countdown.

Network television sources confirmed to me that Olbermann’s departure from FNIA was not due to any conflict with cast or production crew members. I was also given no indication that Olbermann’s politics had anything to do with the move. –Sports by Brooks via –USA Today

They took him off so he could make more episodes of Countdown? That’s the last thing I want. I’m not saying that the “Fair and Balanced” fellas at Fox News (note: not actually fair and balanced –ed) are any better, but God, Olbermann is annoying. Everything he talks about is nothing more than opinion, but he says it as if it’s indisputable, scientific fact. Not to mention that he believes he’s the world’s smartest man with that same ignorant ferocity. Keith is, without question, the most overrated SportsCenter anchor of all time. At least he doesn’t manage to mess up ‘This is SportsCenter’ skits.

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