This Old Man Stealing A Puck From A Small Child Is The Worst Hockey Fan

Buffalo Sabres coach Dan Bylsma was just trying to be a nice guy when he tossed a puck over the glass behind the bench during Thursday night’s game against the Penguins in Pittsburgh. The gift was intended for a young fan hanging out behind the Sabres bench, but it didn’t reach that intended target.

Instead, it was intercepted by some old jerk who leaned over his neighbor and coldly plucked it out of mid-air before it reached the waiting hands of the excited youngster. If you’re like me, you might have briefly thought that the man was just looking to mess with the kid. Surely he was going to hand it off to junior after snatching it away from him, right? Nobody is that much of a jerk, right?!

Welp, WRONG. The older man smugly smiled at the poor child and casually tucked it in his pocket and sat back down in his seat as if he didn’t just expose himself as a total monster. It’s one thing if you manage to get your old greasy man paws on a puck that flies out of play – that’s fair game – but to straight-up rob a child of a souvenir that was tossed to him as a gift? You, sir, are an a-hole.

Fortunately, there seem to be some nice people working within the Penguins organization.