This Ole Miss Touchdown Against Alabama Is One Of The Most Ridiculous Ones You’ll Ever See

Maybe the SEC isn’t the powerhouse we thought it was going to be this season. But that’s not going to stop it from being any less ridiculous and entertaining. It’s only Week 3, and already we have a potential play of the year candidate.

In the third quarter against Alabama, Chad Kelly tried to corral a high snap as the Crimson Tide defenders were closing in. Just before he was about to be sacked he heaved it up out of desperation. These things happen. This is football. Somehow, Laquon Treadwell (yes, that Laquon Treadwell) came up like he was meant to be catching that crystal thing from Risky Business. And with all the rest of the ‘Bama defenders presumably confused, and with their jaws on the floor like the rest of us, Treadwell sprinted into the end zone to give Ole Miss a 24-10 lead.

No matter how much football we watch, we’re always surprised when this sort of thing happens. It’s why even if we try to escape or tell ourselves we don’t need it anymore, we still find ways to end up with goofy grins on our faces or our hands on our heads. If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a simple Vine might be worth even more. At least depending on how many times you end up watching it.

(Via everyone’s friend and generally good person Jon Bois)