Ole Miss Is In Trouble For Paying A Recruit Over $13,000 When He Didn’t Even Sign There

02.22.17 1 year ago

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It’s been a rough week for Ole Miss’ football program. Last week, their former star quarterback got trolled by Mia Khalifa on Twitter (again), and then on Wednesday they released a 21-minute long video detailing the latest NCAA allegations against the football program in a high-quality news dump. No one is going to sit through a 21-minute long video where people read a Notice of Allegations and explain what happened, and to release it at close to 5 p.m. ET is diabolical.

Luckily for us, plenty of college football reporters sifted through the miserable video to find the gems. The biggest revelation from the new NOA is that Ole Miss was charged with “lack of institutional control.” That’s about the worst allegation you can get from the NCAA, and it often leads to significant penalties. Ole Miss, in an attempt to get ahead of it, has placed a self-imposed postseason ban on the football program for 2017.

Now, for an Ole Miss team that missed a bowl game this past year and isn’t expected to make a massive turnaround this year (if anything, people expected this coming year to be the drop-off season), that doesn’t mean a lot on the field. However, that does mean they forfeit nearly $8 million in postseason revenue from the SEC.

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