Olivia Wilde Gave The Jayhawks ‘Some Pointers’, Us The Easiest Joke Of 2013

Okay, well technically it was the easiest joke of 2012, because Olivia Wilde attended the Kansas Jayhawks’ 89-57 drubbing of American University this past Saturday night. So why was the most amazingly GIF-worthy woman in the world at the Allen Fieldhouse, torturing all of those Jayhawks men and their sucked-in guts? According to her Twitter, it was because she wanted to give the team… *ahem* some pointers.

I’ll bet she did. Take it away, rimshot monkey!

In reality, she was there to support her boyfriend and delightful comedic actor, Jason Sudeikis, who, as we have pointed out previously, is quite the awesome Kansas sports fan. Sure, he’s no Jon Hamm in a Cardinals hat, but I’ll still give credit where it’s due. And I imagine that the Jayhawks fans were pretty excited about this, so let’s see what kind of response Olivia drew on Twitter, shall we?

Rock chalk, someone get that guy a restraining order.

This sighting is actually good news, too, because the New York Daily News had “reported” several weeks ago that an “insider” said that Sudeikis and Wilde were on the rocks, which would have good news in that Internet bro sense of “Awesome, I still have a chance!” but bad news in that “Aw, they’re the best couple ever” sense. Hopefully, this won’t be their last Jayhawks game this season.

Either way, time to step your game up, Ashley Judd.

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