This Overzealous Fan Sprinted After A Group Of Olympic Cyclists And Would Not Stop Screaming

You have never cared about sports as much as this dude cares about sports. An apparent cycling fan was hanging out on the side of the road during the men’s road race at the Rio Olympics. A group of riders went past him and three of his friends, and the fans screamed a few words at the cyclists – it doesn’t appear like they were being malicious, they just wanted to yell a few words of encouragement at some dudes who were trying their best to win a medal.

The cyclists ended up passing by this group, but our hero in the light blue shirt decided that his message wasn’t conveyed to the extent that he wanted his message to be conveyed. So he did what anyone would do: he took off in a dead sprint and started screaming at the top of his lungs. What exactly was he saying? We have no idea, but this dude was screaming really loud, so he was probably saying something super important.

And look at how fast this guy was running! Sure, these cyclists probably weren’t sprinting for the finish line, but once this guy gets back into camera, he looks like he was hanging in there with the dude who was at the back of this group of three riders. With a 40-yard dash like this, he may make a cameo at the NFL combine in 2017.

Our hero eventually got winded and had to fall back, but not until he interrupted the car trailing the cyclists to the point that it had to honk its horn to get him out of the way. Fortunately this fan seemed like he didn’t want to harm any of the athletes. Instead, he just wanted them to try their very best, which is really what sports are all about.