An Olympic Skier Had A Needle In His Arm When Police Arrived In An Anti-Doping Raid

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Doping is a rampant issue in sports and will always be that way provided there are illegal methods capable of making athletes stronger and faster and rewards for such usage that, at least for some, outweigh the risks.

Those that commit doping violations will also get caught sometimes, peeling back the curtain to the uglier side of sports and creating questions about the legitimacy of just about everyone. Usually that will come in the form of failed drug tests, but sometimes, guilt is even more obvious (and objectively hilarious).

Enter Max Hauke, an Olympic skier from Austria who found himself in the exceptionally awkward position of having a needle in his arm when police barged in for an anti-doping raid catching him in the act in rather hysterical fashion. The video from Norway’s NRK shows him sitting there very awkwardly with a needle in his arm, just doing some doping while police circled him.

Sometimes, you’re just super guilty and all you can do is sit there and wait for the consequences while your blood transfusion finishes up. Hauke was among five athletes suspended in the raids over the weekend in Germany and Austria ahead of the Nordic world championships, the culmination of an investigation into German doctor Mark Schmidt, who had previously been connected with doping in cycling, per the Los Angeles Times.

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