06.12.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

Awesomely named reader Matt sent along this photo of Erin Pageviews (taken by his "friend," or so he says) at the Cubs game last night, giving us the full-body shot of caution-tape yellow that the sports blogging world so badly needed today.  We now also have a better idea why the cut of this dress mixed with Chicago's wind is more of a concern than cancer surgery.

Side note: Listen people, I think Erin's good-looking, too, okay?  But until she starts slutting it up for the camera, this'll be the last you see of her here for a while.  I'm sorry, but I didn't create this site to focus on intelligent, capable women who are good at their jobs and just happen to be very attractive.  That sounds an awful lot like whatever the opposite of shallow is, and I'll have none of that here.  Let's keep it clean and respect her as a professional, okay?

(Psssst… call me, Erin!)

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