On The Idea That The Jaguars "Need" Tim Tebow

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03.22.12 7 Comments

From the cover of today's Florida Times Union.

A number of fake Twitter accounts were responsible for yesterday’s bevy of misinformation regarding which team Tim Tebow was actually being traded to, and while it really was quite humorous watching actual reporters deliver false news, it was ultimately frustrating. Either way, Tebow is 100% a New York Jet now, and the only thing we need to know moving forward is that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the big losers.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually believe that. But that’s the message that a good amount of media types have been conveying ad nauseum, as they shake their fists and stomp their feet at owner Shad Kahn and the Jags for not trading for Tebow. Of course, their reason wasn’t that he’d help the Jags win. No, they only care that he’d sell tickets, something that the Jags haven’t been very good at.

Despite that completely asinine reasoning, Kahn was forced to deliver a statement on why he didn’t acquire Tebow.

“Earlier this week I asked Gene Smith and his staff to explore the potential of acquiring Tim Tebow. I think we have a duty to consider all avenues of improving the Jaguars on and off the field, especially given the unique circumstances involving the player. I appreciate the high level of due diligence Gene and his staff dedicated to this matter, even as late as this evening, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Our commitment to developing Blaine Gabbert was, and still is, central to our goal of returning the Jaguars to elite status in the NFL. We’re looking ahead with zero regrets.”

Blaine Gabbert is not a bad quarterback. He was drafted early in the first round for a reason, and that’s to help the Jags win. All the Jags have ever needed are wide receivers that can hold onto the ball. If they get a few of those, they could actually win games, and seeing as Florida rivals only New York in bandwagon sports fans, that would put asses in those empty, tarp-covered seats.

But people like Orlando Sentinel columnist and Florida Gators mouthpiece Mike Bianchi only see it one way.

I guess the Jaguars are happy being the team that care forgot.

I guess they’re happy being stuck in an apathetic malaise.

I guess they’re happy being uninteresting.

I guess they’re happy being inconsequential.

Because, you see, Tebow would solve all of the Jags’ problems. Trade for him, and the team will automatically start winning. Sadly, Bianchi’s not alone.

For Jacksonville, there’s virtually no risk in Tebow, as his 2012 salary is $1,150,000. The team can make up that money minutes after signing him. Sure, there will be more pressure to continue to start Tebow if he falters, but making fans happy after a 5-11 season isn’t that hard. And from a money standpoint, it’s definitely the right decision. (Via CNBC’s Darren Rovell)

If you follow Rovell on Twitter – first of all, why? But if you do, you know that he’s all about money. You know what ultimately makes more money than just one guy’s jersey sales? Winning. That thing that Kahn is entirely committed to doing.

I wish it ended with Rovell.

With that level of commitment to Gabbert and Henne, it’s doubtful there was much room for Tebow to be more than a short-yardage quarterback/H-back type player in the Jaguars’ scheme, though many fans surely wanted a chance for Tebow to compete for a starting job. Many believe Smith wanted no part of the media circus that would have accompanied Tebow playing in his hometown. (Via the Sporting News)

Or maybe Gene Smith wants to focus on developing the talented QB that the Jags already strapped their saddle to so they can win right now. Call me crazy, but a lot of coaches and GMs don’t like dismantling their own creations just to cram the square peg of one player into the circle hole of their entire system.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge of relocation if they do not up attendance. Empty seats are a result of no-namers under center, Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert.

So how could this 5-11 team get fans in the stands? Oh, I don’t know, bring in a quarterback who is a native of Jacksonville…

Tebowmania would surely take the tarps off the barren seats, but the Jags were not willing to trade a third-round draft pick. (Via the Baylor Lariat)

And there are so many more articles, columns, posts on a certain site that loves SEO key words, and even one piece by someone I have tremendous respect for (that had me SMHing for a good hour this morning) chastising the Jags for “poor” decision-making. I mean, if this is just about running a business, then I’ll concede that the Jags screwed the pooch.

From a media perspective, though, it seems like a bunch of people are just pissed that they don’t get to write their heartfelt Tebow homecoming pieces. But hey, at least the New York media is excited about it.

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