One For The Face? The Santonio Holmes Criminal Complaint

03.29.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

The Pittsburgh Steelers are at it again. That’s according to the latest criminal complaint filed against an active player on that team, alleging that wide receiver Santonio Holmes hit a woman in the face with a beer bottle over a dispute over a seat on a couch. That must have been quite a couch.

The complaint continues: “When confronted with the possibility of incarceration, defendant asked to speak with the plaintiff. He proceeded to inform the plaintiff that he was an NFL football player and that he could not face criminal charges. Subsequently, defendant offered to give the plaintiff money because he was an NFL star and could not get into trouble.

Plaintiff felt pressure from the defendant and the Orlando Police Department not to press charges. Plaintiff, feeling pressured, made a short victim statement incoherently stating that she was hit in the face and bleeding near her eyes, however, intended not to press charges. The Orlando Police Department failed to write a police report.” –Courthouse News Service.

This sounds a lot more convincing that “She was just there to fix the cable.” Or “It was consensual and I just had my bodyguards out front for laughs.” That said, let’s see some actual charges filed in a criminal capacity. Until then, we see nothing but greedy people suing for money. And that’s disgusting. I prefer to earn my keep in a more honorable way, by robbing prostitutes at gunpoint.

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