One Lucky Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Slept On The Couch Last Night

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04.03.13 5 Comments

Last night, the St. Louis Cardinals were able to avoid falling into a season-long 2-game losing streak by defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-1 on the strength of the longball and Jaime Garcia’s return to “good enough” after shoulder surgery. But none of that matters right now, because one of my all-time favorite things that can ever happen at a baseball game took place in the top of the 7th inning after Pete Kozma hit a home run to center field.

A male fan, enjoying the game with his special gal, saw the ball approaching them and he promptly stood in front of his babe, extended his arm and caught the ball before presenting it to her as a token of his love. JUST KIDDING. He jumped away like a frightened rabbit and the ball hit her in the head!

To clarify, I don’t like watching women (or children) get hit by baseballs. That would be mean, and I’m a pleasant chap who prides himself a gentle soul. However, what I love is watching guys freak out and show the world what really matters to them, especially when it happens on live TV.

And as our friends at Larry Brown Sports point out, this is reminiscent of the Houston Astros bro who allowed a foul ball to hit his girlfriend when he fell away like a total schmuck, but I have to declare last night’s boyfriend the worst, because he didn’t even make an effort while AstBRO at least pretended like he wanted to catch the ball. Either way, maybe these two girls can start a club.

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