One More For The Angel, Michigan State’s Tribute To Princess Lacey Is Amazing

Twenty-two seconds, I think. That’s about how far I got into this tribute to Lacey Holsworth before the allergies started kicking in. Michigan State’s Athletics Department uploaded this special tribute to Princess Lacey today, as there’s never really going to be a time that anyone could stop celebrating the life of the Spartans’ biggest fan. Lacey, of course, passed away on April 8 after her battle with cancer, and from what we briefly knew about her, she was just a pretty awesome and positive young girl who loved to spend time around the MSU men’s basketball team, and especially her best friend Adreian Payne.

If you can make it through this beautiful tribute without cracking, then I’m afraid you’re going to need to find the evil sorcerer and solve the eternal riddle that will break the curse of stone that he has placed upon you.