Only A Real N-U-M-S-K-U-L-L Would Cheat At The National Scrabble Tournament

Much to my surprise, the National Scrabble Championship is currently in its final round right down the street from me, and I’m upset that I wasn’t aware because Greg Tolan and I could have done some nerd wedgie curls to prepare for the football season, but it seems that this year’s Scrabble field is safe. That is, except for one real piece of S-H-BLANK-T who decided that he was above Scrabble law during yesterday’s second round of action.

Competitors brought some scandalous behavior to the attention of National Scrabble Association director and (I assume) sex addict John D. Williams, Jr. who proceeded to stew this buttwad.

Williams would not identify the player by name or age because he’s a minor. There are four divisions and he was competing in Division 3.

The cheating was spotted by a player at a nearby table, who noticed the ejected player conceal a pair of blank tiles. When confronted by the tournament director, he admitted to it.

The tournament concludes Wednesday, with the winner receiving the $10,000 top prize. (Via Orlando’s Local 6)

If there’s one thing I can’t stand and will not tolerate, it’s cheating at board games. If I were the director of the National Scrabble Association, there’s only one way that I’d ever consider letting this punk kid back into my prestigious competition…