07.14.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

Canadian fans mercilessly went after Alex Rodriguez this weekend, flashing pictures of Madonna to distract him.  I can't even imagine the mildly impolite things they said to him.  "Hey, A-Rod, why don't you go hold Madonna's hand, eh?"  "Have a safe trip back to New York, you hoser!"  "I'm holding a photograph of someone you probably didn't sleep with!  Look over here!"  "You're aboot to strike out!"

Brutal.  Just brutal, Canadia.  Next time you should really let him have it by throwing cotton balls at him.  Wet cotton balls!  Then he'll KNOW you mean business!

(FYI, A-Rod in Toronto: 4-for-13, with three RBI and his 537th career home run to pass Mickey Mantle.  The Yankees dropped two of three.)

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