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Probably the best use of your time last night was to break out the ol' kayak and head into McCovey Cove, where a mere handful of people realized that it might be a good place to retrieve baseballs hit during MLB's home run derby (Vlad Guerrero won).  Seriously, what better way to spend an evening not watching the actual derby than by combining the excitement of kayaking in a bay, the thrill of being surrounded by a crowd of jostling people, and the adrenaline rush of sitting and waiting for something that never happens?  Nation of Islam Sportsblog has the most thorough recap:

-Kenny Mayne on kayak
-Morgan and Baker agree that Willie Mays is best player they have ever seen
Berman yells "back back back" a thousand times

And whether or not you stuck around for "The Bronx is Burning" afterwards,  you must read today's episode of the Dugout.  You just don't see the words "I'M MAKING PEOPLE DIE ON THE SPORTS CHANNEL" often enough.

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