An Oregon Receiver Barely Kept His Foot Inbounds To Help The Ducks Stun Utah

11.19.16 1 year ago

The Pac-12 has been wild this year. It became a little crazier on Saturday afternoon when Oregon walked into Salt Lake City and took down Utah, 30-28.

The Ducks have gone through a down year – so much so that some people were questioning if Mark Helfrich would have a job after this season – and really needed a big win. The team got that thanks to this touchdown pass with two seconds left from Justin Herbert to Darren Carrington.

It’s hard to tell whether Carrington successfully got a foot inbounds at first glance, but after review, the officials determined that he scored a touchdown. You can see that there’s just a little bit of room between Carrington’s foot and the sideline.

The adage “football is a game of inches” gets used all the time in situations like this, but seriously, Carrington had no margin for error and still managed to win the game for the Ducks.

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