We Sent The Falcons And Patriots Down ‘The Oregon Trail’ To Predict The Super Bowl Winner

02.03.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

Getty Image / The Oregon Trail

What is the best way to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl? Some choose to crunch the numbers and go with a statistical analysis approach. Others turn to Madden 17 for a simulated result.

These are worthwhile efforts, but that’s all just guesswork. The only scientific way to determine the Super Bowl winner is to turn to the old Oregon Trail game. That’s what we’ve done, sending our party down the trail in hopes of finding out who the last man standing would be with the Lombardi Trophy.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how this all works (for those that have seen my Oregon Trail predictions elsewhere, you know the drill and can skip this section). On my trusty DOS emulator I fire up The Oregon Trail and put in our party and run them down the trail one time, winner take all (if you don’t believe me, SPOILER ALERT: Tom Brady doesn’t get dysentery and do you really think I’d try multiple times without making sure I got that screencap to save forever?).

The party leader for this exercise is “Lombardi” for the Lombardi Trophy. The reason for this is, in the old game, nothing ever happens to the party leader until all four other members of the party have died.

So, that brings us to our contestants. In the other four slots, alternating Patriots and Falcons, we have Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, [Bill] Belichick and Dan Quinn. Now, we’re about ready to roll.

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