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07.26.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Party Otter can get you to do anything with enough Irish Car Bombs and peer pressure.

One Baltimore Orioles fan was so sick of his team sucking, that he decided to create a little excitement by running around the field at Camden Yards. And I say “a little excitement” because that’s all there is in this video. No one’s getting tased, or puking on young children. Man, Baltimore, step up your degeneracy. Only Philly fans could mistime their obnoxious behavior so badly. Couldn’t they have waited until the NBA Finals were over? It’s like they’re not even thinking about my feelings at all.

A fan ran onto the field later in the game. The O’s apparently have a no-chase policy in which they let the fan run around until he’s tired. The fan made a meal out of his 15 seconds of fame. He ran around the field, dodged around jogging officers and even jumped into the stands until he saw security closing in on him, then jumped back onto the field. It took [home plate umpire] Hohn to say something to the lad – on his fourth pass through the infield – before he stopped and was escorted off the field. –Twins Insider via Sportress of Blogitude

Video after the jump.

–Sportress of Blogitude

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