The Sports World Reacted To The Embarrassing Oscars Best Picture Gaffe

In case you missed it, Moonlight won Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday night. Usually, that’s said sarcastically, because how could you miss the biggest news of the night when millions of people are watching? In this case, it’s justifiable since a lot of people heard La La Land announced as the winner only to wake up this morning to learn of the mistake.

Whether you want to blame it on the person in charge of envelopes or Warren Beatty for passing the buck or Faye Dunaway for blurting out the incorrect winner when something was amiss, it was nirvana for Twitter jokes. The memes flew. The Crying Jordans reigned over Hollywood. No one was safe.

Even athletes got involved, which shows the Oscars are a universally watched event. Here were some of the better zingers from the pro sports people.

This is pretty good, as it’s Dwyane Wade losing his triple-double at the buzzer in a blowout when a teammate steals a rebound from him. It’s also funny because you can tell Wade is seriously mad about this but smiles when he remembers he’s on television. The La La Land guy handled the loss much better.

Terrell Owens made a joke about how he’s not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet, which is a joke in itself.

Poor Beatty. He was so close to pointing out the mistake before it got out of hand.

This was a pretty good reference to the movie Big Daddy, which also did not win Best Picture.

UFC fighter Michael Bisping came down really hard on our senior citizens.

Here’s a tweet from NBA on TNT…

…that like a million people made if you check here.

Lance Briggs made fun of the Trump administration, which is always good.

Yes, Steve Harvey is finally free to never hear about awards shows gaffes ever again.

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a couple Crying Jordans.