Oscar Mayer Wants To Give You The Keys To The Wienermobile For Eight Hours

To the untrained eye, this isn’t sports news, as the chance to win one of the most iconic vehicles that was modeled after food for eight days seems like something that would be better off under “Global Politics” or “He said Wiener.” But I’m a big picture kind of guy, and I know that if the fine folks at Oscar Mayer wanted to give me the keys to the 2014 Wienermobile for a day, you can bet your lightly-toasted buns that I would first drive it to a sports event to have the ultimate tailgating vehicle, and I would soon after try to challenge a drunken Justin Bieber to a drag race.

If either of those ideas tickle your fancy, all you have to do to actually win your own Wienermobile “lease” for eight hours is Tweet at Oscar Mayer with the hashtag #TWEET2LEASE and tell the purveryor of pig puckers why you deserve to drive the giant hot dog. And trust me that Tweeting “PENIS CAR PENIS CAR PENIS CAR PENIS CAR PENIS CAR #TWEET2LEASE” won’t work, because Oscar Mayer has already blocked me.

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