05.17.07 11 years ago 44 Comments

As you certainly know from With Leather's extensive, non-stop NHL coverage, the Senators missed their chance to sweep the Sabres in the Eastern Conference finals last night, falling 3-2 on their Canadian home ice.  And a couple Senators fans didn't exactly handle the loss well.

Sean Luck said his wife, Renee Luck, who was wearing Buffalo Sabres colours and logos, was walking in front of him through the corridors of Scotiabank Place as they tried to leave the stadium with about six other Sabres fans.  "Two guys… as they were walking out, punched my wife four times — in the head," Luck said. "They just seemed like they were pissed off because the Senators lost."  Luck said his wife has two large bumps on her forehead, one on her cheek and a cut on her cheek from the assault.

Man, if I had a nickel every time I assaulted a woman wearing opponents' colors when my team lost… wait, did I say "nickel"?  I meant "30 to 90 days in jail."  But totally worth it.  Great stress reliever.

Disclaimers: The Senators fans shown here are not the suspects in question; also, 289 is a Sabres fan, which explains a little.

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