Ouch My Face LOL -_-

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04.19.12 5 Comments


Basketball can be a divisive game, but from Larry Brown Sports comes a story we can all enjoy — a guy spends thousands of dollars on front row seats to Wednesdays Knicks/Nets game in New Jersey, decides he’d rather text than pay attention to what’s happening on the court and catches a Tyson Chandler pass to the face.

Full video is below.

“Who hit you in the face with a ball?”

“IDK, my BFF Jill?”

ESPN takes it to a stupid place (“we’re gonna have to take your MAN CARD!”, as if women are always texting and getting hit in the face with basketballs) but there’s so much to enjoy … his face after getting hit, the fact that he never actually looks at what’s happening on the court even when he’s been struck by something flying in from it, the woman’s explanatory reaction, his T-shirt that says “TALK” in what looks like the YouTube logo, and my favorite part, how he goes right back to texting like nothing happened.

I hope the last text he sent was, “brb basketball hitting me in the head”.

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