Ovechkin Wants You To Drop A Beat

07.08.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

When you’re an international hockey superstar whose hardest decision is which group of babes you’re going to party with tonight, what else is there for you to do? What’s the next medium you can conquer? How will people remember you, outside of your incredible ice moves? Alex Ovechkin has been plagued by such a circumstance, and has found the answer. Getting in the studio and recording a track for your smoke-show girlfriend.

Alexander Ovechkin recorded a song for his girlfriend, along with the artist Dzhigan of Black Star Inc. Russia’s forward wants to be a star not only on the ice. Very soon a real surprise is awaiting the true fans of hockey and the fans of rap. [In Soviet Union, song raps you. -Ed]

It is unlikely that the song that was co-created with artist Dzhigan of Black Star Inc. will appear on live radio, but hopefully it would seep into the internet.

The best hockey player is not giving the name of a lucky girl to whom he devoted his premiere creation, the 24-year-old hockey player only said that at this time it’s “all very serious.” –Alex Ovetjkin via Washington Post

Alex is a little late on coming out with the 2010 jam of the summer, but I’m still counting down the days until this track debuts. Only because I want to hear the track in Russian. Much like German, whenever someone’s speaking in Russian, it sounds like you could very easily get killed. That’s why Russian women sound so seductive. Death is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Video after the jump.

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