The Overwatch League May Be About To Welcome Its First Woman Pro Player


The Shanghai Dragons are the only winless team in Overwatch League, and they’re in desperate need of shaking up. Now ESPN is reporting that they’re making history in the free agent pool by reportedly signing 19-year-old Korean pro Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, the first female Overwatch League player.

For the uninitiated, Geguri is considered the best Zarya player in the world. Her mastery of the shield-chucking tank knows no bounds, and last year her play was so dominant that the community widely reported her for cheating. Take a look at her otherworldly-ness:

After it was proven (by Blizzard and through multiple recordings and streams) that she wasn’t cheating — she was just that good — multiple esports pros quit gaming and issued a public apology to her. Most considered the callout of her cheating discriminatory because these seasoned vets couldn’t deal with the fact that a woman was dominating the league with nearly an 80 percent win rate, but now here we are.

It hasn’t yet been officially confirmed that the Dragons have signed Geguri, but all signs point to an official announcement coming in the next few days. We’re nearing the end of Stage One of the OWL season, and with the dead-last, 12th-ranked Dragons taking on no. 10 Dallas Fuel (who have one win under their belt), they can absolutely put up a few wins with someone like Geguri on their squad.

And beyond the wins and losses, Geguri has fans. Big time.

(Via Compete/ESPN)