‘Overwatch’ Is Getting Into Olympics Mode With A New ‘Rocket League’-Inspired Game And Skins

Blizzard is no stranger to celebrating the Summer Olympics within its various properties. World of Warcraft gave out a Chinese-themed pet back in 2008, and now they’re celebrating the Olympics in Overwatch with new skins, voiceovers, sprays, and a Rocket League-style game mode based around the Games in Rio. This is the type of content Overwatch fans have been waiting for.

The celebration lasts from August 2 to 22, and opening loot boxes (either earned or purchased) in that time will unlock the various Olympics-inspired items available only over the next few weeks. The biggest addition to Overwatch is Lúcioball, which is basically Rocket League, but slower paced and with slightly different gameplay.

The new game mode is simple — your main attack punches the ball, while Lúcio’s secondary attack can blow it across the field. Your special can suck the ball towards you, and Lúcio can skate up walls and use springboard-like areas to fly across the pitch located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

It won’t replace Rocket League or Overwatch, but it’s a fun little distraction, and Lúcio’s awesome so it’s easy to embrace. There’s finger-waggin‘ and people breaking it down while scoring mad goals with Brazilian music jamming through the stadium. What’s not to love?

Blizzard says this is the first of many seasonal events on the horizon, so hopefully we get a cool, Mei-themed hockey game sometime this winter.

(Via Kotaku)