Packers 42, Saints 34: A Quick Recap

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09.09.11 7 Comments

Last night’s 2011 NFL season debut between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints was about as perfect as a game gets. It was a shootout between the last two Super Bowl champions, displaying two of the greatest – if not the greatest – quarterbacks in the NFL, and it went right down to the wire, with Green Bay ultimately prevailing 42-34. It was a gambler’s dream, so long as you’re the type of gambler who didn’t bet on the Saints. If you stuck to the over/under, you’re probably a happy person today.

But I have a few quick thoughts before we get to the recap of the stuff that really mattered:

– On what planet do you choose to run the ball when you’re on the 1-yard line with zero seconds on the clock after you’ve just been handed the ultimate Christmas Day pass interference penalty? And I’m not asking this because I have Jimmy Graham and that clouds my logic.

– Is Aaron Rodgers going to be so awesome this season that fantasy owners will have to worry about him playing less time toward the end of the season after the Packers wrap up the NFC North with ease? Yes.

– The Packers and Saints are probably the two fan bases that I hate the least in professional sports while having absolutely no allegiance to either team. I imagine Lambeau may have been the nicest place on Earth last night.

And that’s really all I’ve got because I’m just so content with last night’s game from a fan perspective.

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