A Packers Fan Has Been Letting His Unbelievable Bet Ride For Eight Straight Weeks

The Green Bay Packers’ incredible, last-second victory over the Dallas Cowboys had hearts in mouths through the whole fourth quarter. But imagine how you must have been feeling if you had thousands of dollars riding on the outcome. Now, imagine you’ve been doing that for eight weeks, all the way back to when Aaron Rodgers made his now-famous “run the table” declaration, and you get a sense for this enterprising soul whose betting slip popped up on Twitter after the game.

To start with a $300 bet and just keep leaving the money on the table, and to have those bets hit week after week, is an absolutely special gambling experience. At this point, whoever this person is has to keep letting it ride all the way through the Super Bowl, at which point the return would be truly staggering. These are the stories that keep people coming back, as dangerous as gambling can be.

After having knocked off the Dallas Cowboys, the Packers will have to beat the Falcons and their all-time great offense in Atlanta to keep their run going, and a win there would set up a potential matchup with the Patriots, the way things are going. Aaron Rodgers is on another plane of existence, but it’ll still be a challenge for that bet to come good.