Packers Fan Fired For Zero Judgment

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01.25.11 22 Comments

John Stone was fired from his job at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, Illinois yesterday after he showed up to work wearing a Green Bay Packers tie. The 34-year old claims he’s been a fan of the Packers since the days of Ahman Green, and he didn’t see anything wrong with honoring his team only a day after Green Bay defeated the Chicago Bears 21-14 in the NFC Championship. But his boss sure did, and he canned his ass for it.

Stone’s boss Jerry Roberts claims that he gave him 5 opportunities to remove the tie and keep his job, but Stone refused each time. It’s a shame to see such a long professional relationship come to an abrupt end like this. How long was Stone at Webb anyway? A month and a half. Geez, now this news is just shocking.

Please let me keep my mesh tank top, Chicago Sun-Times

“He said, ‘You have two options,’ ” a furious Stone said later Monday. “Remove the tie, or you’re fired.”

“When I didn’t, he said, ‘You can leave, you’re fired.’ Does that sound fair to you?”

Stone added: “I was just showing my love for my team and it was a nice, smart tie that matched my clothes — none of the customers minded: they had a sense of humor about it.”

In response, Roberts explained: “We spend $20,000 a month on advertising with the Bears on WBBM during the season, and we have Bears players including Corey Wootton driving loaner vehicles, and here was a salesman openly undoing that work.”

You see, dude? Corey Wootton drives those cars that you get paid to sell. If we don’t have Corey driving around our cars for free, then none of our kids will eat. But seriously, this guy lives in Illinois and works at a car dealership that has a heavy interest in the Bears’ success, how could he not see this coming?

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