Packers Move Into High School Digs

While we know that the sportswriters are flipping out over the cold, not many people are talking about how the players have dealt with it. Both teams have moved practice indoors, with the Steelers using the facility at TCU and the Packers using the barn at…Highland Park High?

Specifically, this is Highland Park High School’s $4.5 million indoor practice facility, freshly opened in August and on par with the facilities the Pittsburgh Steelers are using over at Texas Christian University. TCU just won the Rose Bowl, of course. Highland Park is still a high school after all.–Wetzel/Y! Sports.

No, Highland Park is a Texas high school, meaning that they’ll stop at nothing to field and foster a competitive football team. Having worked in Dallas for a limited time, I’ve seen the insanity firsthand. Whether it’s facilities, district gerrymandering, or high-priced coaches, nothing is too over-the-top if it helps field a team. Is sixty million dollars too much to spend on a high school football stadium? Not in Texas…

“The roof is lower than our indoor center in Green Bay, but other than that [nothing was different],” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes). “We didn’t kick in there, but other than that it is not a big deal.

“They have a great facility over there,” Rodgers continued. “I think back to my high school days – I hope those kids realize how fortunate they are to be able to practice in a facility like that.”

Hey, Texas loves football. There’s a reason that Tony Romo doesn’t find himself in the same legal trouble that Big Ben does…but it’s probably because he doesn’t sexually assault women…allegedly.