01.08.09 9 years ago 10 Comments

Remember that strip club shooting in Las Vegas that got Pacman Jones suspended from the NFL for a year?  Well, last night ESPN reported that Jones was behind another nightclub shooting four months after that.  It is unclear whether or not this is related to the Cowboys cutting Jones yesterday.  And now a righteous Jones is denying everything and promising to sue ESPN.

“It will be a lawsuit in a week against ESPN,” Jones said. “That’s stupid. It’s so stupid I have no more comments.”

That should solve the problem.  Assuming that by “lawsuit” he means “hail of gunfire.”

On one hand, IF the Cowboys did cut Jones for a previous shooting, it almost seems unfair.  Kind of like how I can’t chaperone field trips any more.  But Jerry Jones & Co knew they were getting damaged goods, and the only thing he had to do was stay out of trouble.  He stayed out of trouble, and they hammered him for something he allegedly did in his past.  Something as trivial as shooting people.

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